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The First Name Meanings Dictionary with origins
This page details the origin and literal meaning of the most popular first names together with an insight into the hidden meaning and interpretation of the name meaning using numerology.
Look in the Names Dictionary and find the first name you would like to know the meaning and origin of and click the link.

First Name Meanings starting with Q

First Name Meanings &  Origins First Name Meanings &  Origins
First Name Meanings &  Origins First Name Meanings &  Origins

First Name Meanings starting with Q
Meaning of Baby Boy Names Index

Boys First Name Meanings
What do these boys names mean? What characteristics do these boys names convey? Check out these first names for boys to find out the facts and information about these boys names.

Boys First Name Origins
Where did these boys names originate? What was the language and country of the origin of these boys names? Check out the first names of these boys name for interesting facts and information.

The Hidden Meaning of names using Numerology
Numerology is an ancient science which was developed by Pythagoras. Numerology offers an insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to the letters contained in names. The results provide the hidden meaning of names. Each letter in the alphabet is assigned a number. Every number is associated with specific characteristics.
Use this method of numerology to calculate the value of your full name and find the hidden meaning and characteristics of names.

The Meaning of First Names for boys starting with Q

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